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Sunday, January 29, 2023

    Cycle To Improve Health, Appeals Assam Govt

    Over 3 million people die per year globally due to lack of physical activity

    With Prime Minister Narendra Modi pushing for a healthy and a fit India in the coming years, the Assam government has encouraged everyone to opt for cycling to improve the life cycle. Taking to Twitter, the government also shared some tips on cycling and why it is important in our daily lives.

    Using the hashtag Healthy Assam, the Assam government highlighted that due to lack of physical activity, over 3 million people die per year globally. Cycling is a smart choice to beat the traffic in Guwahati. It also reduced pollution and cost-effective.

    Also, cycling for approximately 3.5 km for 120 days in a year may contribute to the increase in nation’s Gross Domestic Product between 0.9 to 1.3 per cent, as per a study conducted by World Health Organization.

    Why cycling?

    • Cycling reduces the risk of heart diseases like stroke, diabetes and certain cancers,
    • It also helps in the reduction of greenhouse gas emission which affects the health, and
    • Cycling is cost-free and equitable

    Dos for cycling

    • Make it a point to pedal for a shorter distance,
    • Pedal your way out during traffic congestion,
    • Go on a cycle tour during weekends
    • Spread the habit of pedaling

    On August 29th, 2019 Modi launched the Fit India Movement to take the country towards a healthier future. This campaign is aimed at encouraging people to include physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. And cycling is such a brilliant way to stay fit and healthy. Agree?

    Photo credit: MapMyRun Blog


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