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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

    Want To Get Rid Of That Annoying Back Pain? Take Yoga Tips From Malaika & Shilpa

    Getting rid of that annoying back pain is tough but not with this Yoga postures. Read on!

    In a 9-5 world, it is common to suffer from lifestyle ailments that include, stress, anxiety, back pain and the list is endless. Exercise or Yoga can really help you in fighting these ailments and some of our Bollywood celebs who are into Yoga have shown us how to tackle these life problems through regular practice.

    How to cure the back pain and strengthen the core, Bollywood’s favourite item girl and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora has given some major Yoga inspiration on her Instagram.

    She was seen performing a Navasana or boat pose which is believed to build core strength and stability. It aids digestion, improves balance, helps to strengthen the lower back and sharpen focus. It is also believed that this asana wards off bad thoughts and therefore helps in de-stressing yourself.

    It is also known to enhance blood circulation and it is also effective in weight loss from the stomach area and waist.

    In another post, she was acing crunches which also strengthening the core and spinal muscles. Along with these, it also helps in strengthening the abs and in better digestion.

    Another fitness enthusiast Shilpa Shetty has been vouching for Yoga since years for now and if you want to relieve your back from pain, then you can follow this star on her Instagram or download her app, Shilpa Shetty App. You will start swearing by her mantra, Swasth Raho Mast Raho!

    In this post, Shilpa is seen performing a bow pose which is a wonderful way to strengthen your back muscles. But, if you have a back injury, take it slow on this.

    Natrajasana (Lord of dance pose) is a great hip opener, sculpts arms and calves. It also enhances mental focus and back flexibility which can relieve back pain.

    So, stop slacking and start your Yoga sessions right away!

    Photo credits: @theshilpashetty @malaikaaroraofficial


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