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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    Top Cheat Codes To Solve Those Pop-Up Hassles At Wedding

    Here’s what you can do to fix those issues without going haywire

    Given the fact that Indian weddings are lavish, magnificent and crowded which almost feels like a festival actually comes with a ‘price’. When those bizarre emergencies that pop-up ahead of the D-day and you actually feel like you had Aladdin’s magical genie.

    But let’s not talk fiction and keep it simple with the reality check. Emergencies are quite likely and here’s what you can do to fix those issues without going haywire.

    Get A Teetotaller

    Indian weddings without getting a little tipsy are incomplete. Or maybe tipsy is an understatement because possibilities are higher of the bridesmaids’ getting overboard. So, get an ‘all clean’ teetotaller as you want your best friend to show up at the main event instead of sitting back inside her room gulping down disprins.

    Photo Credit: Cafemom

    Keep a copy of the wedding ring

    God forbid if you happen to lose the ring minutes ahead of your wedding. But just in case you do we really have a cool solution to that. Get a copy of your ring, because you do not want to embarrass yourself right? And after the societal rituals are over you can share the experience with your beloved and actually get her the ring later.

    Kids Friendly Zone

    Weddings are extremely crowded as the entire family gets a chance to meet and share fanfares. Apart from the EDMs playing in the background jazzing up the mood we do not want a toddler’s scream and cries playing a spoilsport. So there should be a kids zone with all the required amenities.

    Photo Credit: cntraveller.in

    Check Your Guests List

    Guests are invited keeping in view of the ceremony and accordingly events are planned. So space matters a lot. Make sure you have someone keeping a check on the guests because you want them to have a field day.

    Short supply of food

    Emergencies can pop at any time of the day and food scarcity comes at the number one list. Keep your guests entertained and let that beverages and snacks fill them up until the food is refilled at the backyard.

    Bad weather conditions

    With the dramatic change in the weather conditions, there is a possibility that rain might play spoilsport at your themed wedding. So be ‘waterproof makeup’ ready at the D-day.

    Cover Photo Credit: alfaazphotography.com


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