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Friday, August 5, 2022

    Tips For Smart Pandal Hopping This Durga Puja In Guwahati

    Read the tips and tricks to stay safe in crowded places during Durga Puja

    Come Durga Puja and we indulge ourselves in day-long festivities. Durga Puja is incomplete with pandal hopping as pandals are major crowd pullers.

    Though we love visiting puja pandals, it is equally exhausting to deal with the high spirits of a huge crowd that line up outside the pandals. Also, it is important to keep in mind not to lose one’s control and keep calm while dealing with the humongous flow of the crowd.

    So, you want to deal with huge crowds and still enjoy the festive season, here are a few tricks to follow:

    Know the route  

    Whenever you plan to visit a pandal, it’s always best to figure out your entry route and exit point. This will not only help in dealing with traffic congestion but also it will be easy for you to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga.

    Travel in groups

    Never ever stray out from your friends or family during pandal hopping. If you get lost, it will be a herculean task to find them and also, it will consume most of your time. Groups will act as a support system to deal with eve-teasers that lurk in crowded places and always look out for your children as they easily stray out. Make sure your kids know your phone numbers in case you lose them in the crowd.

    Carry essentials

    While pandal hopping always carry a few essentials along with you like water, food and mobile phones and a power bank. In case, you feel hungry in the middle of pandal hopping you will have something to munch on till you find a place to eat. Also, mobile phones are important to call your families and also to call cabs.

    Comfort is the key

    Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to sustain yourselves in the crowd. Don’t go for heels or stilettos that will make you uncomfortable to walk around. When it comes to clothes, go with easy and breezy clothes that will not suffocate you or make you feel choked.

    Pro tip: Click pictures in your puja outfit before leaving home and you are done with your perfect Instagram picture.

    Keep a check on your valuables

    Always keep a check on your valuables in crowded places as there is always a threat looming around to snatch your purse away. Avoid wearing gold accessories during pandal hopping and keep a hawk-eye on your mobile phones and cameras. There is always a risk of dropping things off in shoving a crowd, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Also, stay cautious and look out for suspiciously people in the crowd. If you face any problem like you have been robbed or stalked by someone, visit the nearest police station and seek their help.

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