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Friday, September 30, 2022

    This Facebook Post On Durga Puja Organisers Stopping Music During Azaan In Guwahati Is Winning Hearts

    Netizens hailed the gesture of the organizers and said 'this is true idea of India'

    A Durga Puja organizer in Guwahati was lauded for promoting communal harmony by pausing music during azaan (Islamic call to worship).

    The Shantipur Swiss Gate Durga Puja Committee members paused the music playing during the procession to immerse the idols as it was time for azaan. Lauding the organizers, a Guwahati resident Syeda Shehnaz Anwar wrote a ‘thank you’ note on Facebook on October 8th, 2019, which went viral on social media platforms.

    “One should know for what I am grateful to you people while u people were crossing from Machkhowa for immersion of Durga Maa it was time for Azaan and one of urs committee member announced that we are stopping our songs for sometime as Azaan is recitating is going on and the DJ stopped immediately.Got to hear that someone from urs committee shouted whole heartedly Bhal korili bhai aami aanor dhormoku khonmaan dibo laage at that moment I felt like yes this is our brotherhood respect towards others. Whole Machkhowa people’s are witnessed and thanks on behalf of them,” Anwar wrote on Facebook.

    Netizens hailed the gesture of the organizers and said ‘this is true idea of India’. The puja organizers replayed music only the prayer call stopped.

    Speaking to Time8, she said, “When the procession to immerse Goddess Durga reached near the Machkhowa masjid, the Shantipur Puja Committee members asked the DJ to stop playing the music as soon as they heard sound of isara azaan. It was around 7:45 pm. A man among the procession crowd said that it was a wonderful act as we should respect all religion. That statement won my heart and I thought of sharing it on Facebook.”

    “I thank all the members of the puja committee for upholding the true spirit of love and brotherhood. No one should indulge into politics over religion. In Machkhowa, people of all religion celebrate all festivals together. Here, we live as a family. I wanted to spread the message of love through my post.”

    Vijaya Dashami is celebrated with processions and Goddess Durga’s idols are immersed in the water bodies.

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