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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

    This Diwali Give Your Hostel Room The ‘Ghar Wali Feeling’ With These Easy-To-Do Decor Ideas

    A single string of fairy light can do wonders to perk up your dull hostel room. Read more about such ideas to cheer up your Diwali

    The life in a hostel is completely different than that of home. The living conditions are far less comfortable than that at home. It is far from fancy and dreamy where you can unwind and relax after a hectic day. The hostel room has its own limitations.

    Hostel boarders are literally made to adjust in a boring room which has the most basic furniture to study and sleep, usually a single bed and study table. Adjustment starts from making your tiny and shared living space into a cozy one.

    We did simple research and have come up with some basic things you can do to make your room brighten up this Diwali. Check’em out.

    1. Fairy lights

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    Fairy lights are no longer reserved for outdoor decorations.  A single string of fairy light can do wonders to perk up your dull hostel room. When it comes to decorating, you can experiment a lot with fairy lights. Give your study area the much-needed zing with a smart and beautiful arrangement of fairy lights. You can put string lights in mason jars to create lamps with a twist. The wire of fairy lights is the perfect place to display your favourite pictures. Get creative and use fairy lights to create nice words.

    2. Rangoli

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    As a major a part of Diwali is Rangoli, it’s time you learn some Rangoli skill. Go Pinterest and pick a doable Rangoli in a tiny space.

    3. Planters

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    Plastic bottles are considered the worst pollutants which harm the environment. Plastic bottles can be reused as planters. You can paint the outside of the planters with bright colours to decorate your room.

    4. Play with curtains

    Ditch those depressing curtains of your living room. Get some cheap yet pretty bright curtains online to brighten up your space and more liveable this Diwali.

    Homesick? You can also decorate the walls with photos of your friends and family and create an interesting way to display them.

    5. Colourful Bed linen

    Get a colourful ethnic print bedsheet. The ethnic touch to your room decor will make for a great addition. It’s not only visually pleasing but also set your mood right for the occasion.


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