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    The Perfume Collector. The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro. Perfume Collector s Logbook by Perfumers Logbooks. Perfume Review Journal by Amy Newton. Fragrance Journal by RosaLinda Diaz. I never knew the intricacies of perfume. I am jealous that I can’t decipher the scents of my perfume as described in this novel. Moreover, I wish there was a perfume maker in my area for them to create my very own scent.

    That being said, the author has taken the reader back and forth between two lives, an English girl and a French girl, and their time periods. It was remarkable how everything came together for the ending. Some of the heroes the reader will encounter are “tainted” to some degree, but they have been realistically portrayed. All of us know someone who is so gifted, they become self-destructive. I highly recommend this book. Other reviewers complained about the editing.

    The publisher must have listened, because my Kindle edition is very readable with few typos. As I spent most of New Years Day confined to the sofa recovering from surgery, I was immediately pulled into this novel.

    The story was a unique one which was a breath of fresh sir Yes, I am a perfume lover though I have found My Sin to be cloying for most of my life The characters were well fleshed out, and the resolution was a bit of a surprise.

    And, I do like surprises as well as complex perfumes! This was an enjoyable read One person found this helpful. I appreciate too that there wasn’t a lot of focus or detail of sex and very little foul language, Thank you for that Ms Tessaro.

    Very compelling story of an English maid who inherits a lovely Paris apartment and sizable estate from a woman she doesn’t even know. Follow along as she discovers the true identity of the mystery benefactor and the life she lead during Nazi occupied Paris.

    Written with the same flavor of the book The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. Clever and original historical tale with fascinating historical facts and details about the perfume industry in the early twentieth century. I enjoyed the characters and even though the solution to the main plot twist was apparent about halfway through the book, it still was an enjoyable thread of suspense, allowing for lots of personal growth for the main characters.

    I like Tessaro’s writing style: descriptive and clear without being stark or overblown. I am so glad I took a chance on this book and recommend you do the same. For the record. For the record, I am a guy and yes, at times I’ll read women’s literature. I bought this on a whim because of all of the great reviews and I was extremely satisfied! I read on the bus and during breaks at work and I looked forward to every opportunity to continue this novel, I didn’t want to put it down.

    The story is fantastic and so is the writing. The characters were intriguing and likeable. I’ve read novels where women are weak and break down crying and other nonsense and I really hate that, however this novel has strong characters who act and behave realistically.

    While it took me a few chapters to really get into the story once I got in the rhythm the author intended the story was great and hard to put down. The author does jump from ‘s’s to ‘s but was necessary in order to fill in the background stories of the two main female characters. I gave it a 5 rating because I was so intrigued by Grace and why she inherited the estate. It was a very different time for women and to have been the heir and get rid of her sorry ass husband.

    I learned a bit about perfume and scents in a totally unexpected way. It alternates stories from the perspective of Grace Monroe, young upper class London wife of the ‘s and a poor young orphan Eva D’Orsey, originally from France, whose story plays out beginning in the ‘s. The fates of these two are connected when Grace discovers she has been named the sole heir of Eva, recently deceased. The fact that Grace has never heard of Eva provides an intriguing mystery.

    The switching of settings, historical periods and society perspectives makes for a very entertaining story, especially for those fascinated as I am by tales of Europe in the years leading up to the Second World War.

    Lyrical descriptions of perfumes and the process of creating them add almost a spiritual element to the novel. It certainly made me think about the world of fragrance in a whole new light.

    See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. A compelling read littered with warmth and tragedy. A realistic view at how easily vulnerability when exploited can lead to damaged persons that yield to controlling characters and their climate and become a plethora of personalities to survive. The main character is complex and at times dark and enigmatic whilst still retaining an underlying purity and vulnerability throughout. A journey of survival, betrayal and love of the strongest kind; a mothers.

    It keeps you turning the pages until the very last page! One to keep on the shelf and read again. While this was a lovely book with a beautiful cover I found I had to labour through it taking 6 days because some daft mistakes totally let it down. It meant I had no inclination to pick it up again for a couple of days.

    Such a shame but I find myself shutting down and losing interest as soon as mistakes start happening. I was surprised it was full of Americanised spellings till I saw the author was probably sticking to her roots. She kept capitalising the word Hotel for some reason as well the whole way through which I found peculiar. Peaked was used when piqued was meant and a lot of “little” words were missing from sentences such as with “Trapped in the body of man with no musical ability” or ” Annoying and careless.

    The really laborious times were having to keep flicking over to a translation page as there was a lot of French used. I got my O’Level but that was over 30 years ago so I needed to have to keep looking a lot up which was tiresome. It had some very humorous little moments in it, a couple making me laugh aloud. I’d try another by this author but if it has as many mistakes it will be my last time, sadly. The idea is great but its execution less so.

    The writing does not flow. I also found some of the perfumery descriptions and hint at formulations at odds with the rest of the story – as if they had been written by someone other than the author or styled by a perfume blogger. The main character was built up and then fell into the abyss, the support characters and stories varied in depth.

    This book could have done with being longer so some of the fascinating tales and comparisons between different periods in history could have been developed. There was a spark but it never fully ignited for me. Report abuse. That the outcome of this book is inevitable from the beginning does not detract from the story. To steal and rework a phrase spoken by Grace, the author weaves a beautiful net to build the tale upon.

    Despite the inevitability of the ending, the story does have a few surprises in store for the reader. It is well told and leads the reader on to each new chapter with a sense of anticipation. I don’t normally like stories which are set in more than one era and jump between them, but this one worked very well and the transitions were pretty smooth, all of which meant I didn’t mind it as much as usual. I did enjoy the descriptions of the scents and the creation of the essential oils and accords which go to making perfume, even the less appealing aspects of the process.

    I was charmed by the story and spent a peaceful afternoon losing myself in it. This book is set in two time spans, and the ‘s. It tells the story of present day Grace as she receives an unexpected inheritance from a mysterious benefactor, taking her to Paris and into a mystery she must try to solve. The story is set around the world and science of the Parisian perfumiers giving an insight into the perfume creation. I am glad I read this book – I had read quite a lot of reviews about it but what really had me reaching for it was the cover!

    Highly recommend this book. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.


    The Perfume Collector: A Novel by Kathleen Tessaro – PDF Drive.


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    Register to access thousands of free plot summaries and receive exclusive offers and updates from SuperSummary. Help us personalize your SuperSummary experience. The Perfume Collector Kathleen Tessaro. Transform this Plot Summary into a Study Guide. The Perfume Collector is a novel by Kathleen Tessaro published in A work of historical fiction, the novel follows two separate but slightly overlapping timelines and utilizes several points of view.

    The story opens in Paris in At home she has several flashbacks to her past that cause her incredible anxiety; she drinks cognac to calm herself, making mysterious plans to wear her best suit and visit a travel agent. In , Grace Munroe is a young wife in Oxford. Her husband Roger has a good job, and she lives a comfortable life. Create a free account to unlock this summary Register to access thousands of free plot summaries and receive exclusive offers and updates from SuperSummary.


    The perfume collector : a novel (eBook, ) [].

    Download PDF The Perfume Collector Kathleen Tessaro on Kindle Full Edition. Here->> <<-. "A remarkable novel about secrets, desire, memory, passion, and possibility. Newlywed Grace Monroe doesn't fit anyone's expectations of a successful s. Get started with a FREE account. The Perfume Collector: A Novel Organic Perfume: The Complete Beginners Guide & 50 Best Recipes For Making Heavenly.


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