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Friday, January 14, 2022

    Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane To Reminisce The ‘Ghar Ki Diwali’

    Spending a Diwali away from your near and dear ones? Don't lose heart, relive childhood memories with us

    Diwali is here and we Indians love every festival wholeheartedly as they bring fun, food and parties to attend to and one cannot forget family reunions. But the festival of lights is not happy for everyone, after all, especially working professionals and students who celebrate it far from home due to work commitments and examinations.

    The fast-paced life leaves us longing for home more during the festive season and celebrating with the family seems a distant dream. Although Diwali happens every year, one cannot brush aside the childhood memories or Ghar ki Diwali. So here are a few moments which you can relive if you couldn’t make it home this Diwali:

    Diwali ki safai

    When your mother constantly nags you to clean up your room, you know Diwali is here. You may crib about it, make excuses about it but you can’t escape it. Waking up early and cleaning up the year’s mess in the room is a bittersweet memory to look back. But it definitely reminds you of your room and the festival.


    Come Diwali, shopping for fairy lights and diyas is must with your father. Hopping in the scooter behind your father is the best nostalgic feeling one has. Also,  shopping your heart out and guilt-free was the best feeling ever.

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    Photo credit: Webdunia

    Putting up lights

    Ah, the excitement in which we helped our fathers in decorating the house with lights is something beyond this world. From deciding the accurate spot to fix the lights to making the rangoli everything needed to be perfect. Making the house look pretty was always a satisfying feeling.

    Image result for Putting up lights for diwali
    Photo credit: The Independent

    Soan papdi

    During Diwali, one cannot ignore the box of soan papdi goodness. The memory of relatives visiting your place with that big beautiful box of soan papdi is indeed the best memory. Also, the kaju katlis need a special mention in every Diwali.

    Image result for Soan papdi
    Photo credit: Wikipedia

    No study pressure

    Festivals mean having fun and nothing else in true sense. Not studying for the entire festive week was another bliss altogether.

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