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    Rendezvous with Medha Aich: Living the dream

    In a freewheeling chat with Sushmita Dey, actress Medha Aich shares anecdotes from acting opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui to staying in Mumbai and from enjoying a bowl of maggi in Tezpur University to learning Bharatnatyam. Read on…

    Guwahati girl Medha Aich is all set to make a foray in the Bollywood this year and that too opposite Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui.

    Medha will make her silver screen debut in Motichoor Chaknachoor. Directed by Debamitra Hassan, the film is a family drama and revolves around an odd couple. The film is likely to release in July.

    Medha was casted in the film by F The Couch – a venture of Sunil Shetty which works against casting couch in Mumbai. Hailing from Silpukhuri area of the city, Medha is also an alumnus of the Tezpur University and National School of Drama.

    In an interview with TIME8, the actor talks about her film, co-stars and many more. Read on…

    • Tell us something about your debut film Motichoor Chaknachoor

     Medha: Motichoor Chaknachoor is a quirky wedding comedy that revolves around an odd couple, Medha Aich played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Athiya Shetty. It has an excellent script. Our director Debamitra Hassan has spent almost three years working on it and the outcome is brilliant.

    The film is knitted with various characters with ample layerings and this is what it makes the film interesting. The songs in the films are also superb.

    • How was it working with Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui and Athiya Shetty? What was your first meeting with Nawazuddin like… were you nervous?

    Medha: We have seen enough celebrities with charismatic and glamorous personality. But a celebrity with simplicity is hard to find and harder to maintain. Nawazuddin is one such person whose glory remains in his simplicity. He puts all his energy only in his work, trying to create magic moments in every scene he does. This is something which is inspiring for new actors like me. It was a pleasure to watch him perform and his process of enacting a scene.

    The humble nature of Nawazuddin gives you comforting energy, so thankfully I was not much nervous. There are six NSDians in this film. So when an actor told Nawazuddin that I am also an NSD graduate, he just asked me ‘Which batch?’. To which I replied, ‘2016’, he promptly said, “Oh! You are the junior most one here.”

    The entire film unit became a small family. We had discussions on several topics and also cracked jokes.

    Nawazuddin is a listener and likes to take part in quality discussions about important contemporary issues.

    Athiya also has been an immensely generous and caring person. She has been a hardworking and dedicated actor throughout the shoot without compromising with the quality of performance.

    • How has been your experience in Mumbai?

    Medha: I moved to Mumbai a year back. It is a different world. The rhythm and shade of this city is unique. People of Mumbai are extremely helpful and humble. Everyone is struggling there. So everyone empathizes with each other which is a comforting factor amidst all the anxieties.

    • Tell us something about your life in the Tezpur University…what do you miss the most

    Medha: I miss my roommate, some of my closest friends who incidentally are from Tezpur University. I miss the evening walks in the campus, birthday treats in the campus dhaba,Medha Aich film screening in the Mass Communication & Journalism department, varsity week and of course, enjoying piping hot Maggi in the campus shopping complex. We used to have a non-stop conversation with our friends while having Maggi.

    • What inspired you to become an actress?

    Medha:  As a human being, we always like to dress up differently each time. In the same way, as an actor, I get to explore various facets of human emotions and characteristics. This is the most fascinating thing about acting that sometimes we get to live situations, of which we could never even imagine in reality. As an actor, this gives me the opportunity to live many lives in one lifetime and every character later remains in my memory like an old friend.`

    • Did learning Bharatnatyam help…

    Medha: I was an introvert child. My life changed after I began learning Bharatnatyam. I was able to channelize all my energy into this dance form. Dance is not merely an art form but a character as a whole for me. I discovered myself.

    • Is it hard to get good scripts in Bollywood for a new actor?

    Medha: I don’t think it is very hard to get a good script. There is a shift in audiences’ preferences.  We are marching towards a new genre of films. But a good script fails if the execution is flawed.

    • What type of projects you would like to get associated with…

    Medha: I have a soft corner for contents pertaining to history and biopic. And also, the classic stories from the Indian literature.


    • Favourite Actor: Om Puri
    • Favourite Actress: Maryl Streep
    • Favourite Director: Satyajit Ray
    • Favourite Film: Forrest Gump
    • Favourite web series: Man’s World, The Crown,
    • Which actor you would like to date: I would like to date and marry the sizzling actor Jason Mamoa!
    • The role you would like to play: Susanna from Saat Khoon Maaf
    • If not an actor: Probably a psychiatrist who is also a classical dancer
    • Life has taught: To expect less
    • A word that describes Assam: Nostalgia
    • Late night craving: Chocolate
    • Fitness mantra: Yoga and a hearty

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