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Saturday, November 27, 2021

    Overloaded Coal Trucks Plying Through Goalpara Illegally

    The trucks allegedly pay a bribe to local authorities to pass through the area

    Overloaded coal trucks are continuing to ply illegally from Meghalaya through the state via Goalpara to various states in the country.

    As per information available, trucks which are permitted to carry only nine tonnes of coal are allegedly transporting more than 30-35 tonnes of load. It has been claimed that even though the police are aware of the fact no actions are being taken against the alleged syndicates and also there are allegations of police officers being involved in these syndicates.

    It has further been alleged that the trucks pass through a bridge in Krishnai as a primary check gate and while passing through this bridge, each truck has to pay an amount of Rs 10 to Rs 15 thousand to the police deployed there.

    The bridge in the Krishnai is said to be an incomplete and this bridge is allegedly being used for the syndicate to transport illegal coal.


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