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Monday, January 17, 2022

    5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your LinkedIn Profile Right Away

    If you want to land in your dream job then try avoiding these mistakes in your LinkedIn profile

    When searching for a job online, the first name that comes to your mind is LinkedIn. It is one of the most favourite job finder engines among job seekers all around the world.

    The connections that you build in the platform can open a door of endless opportunities. If you want to land in your dream job, improve your presence or uplevel your professional life, then here are five things that you need to remove from your LinkedIn profile right away.

    Unprofessional profile picture

    As said by career coach, Ashley Stahl, if you don’t have a friendly and smiling face as your profile picture, change it right away. Employers reach out to someone who has a professional profile picture. It should be a headshot, wear professional clothes that are clean and sharp. Also, be mindful of your colours, avoid stark hues and go for blues.

    Use analyzed headline

    A headline will attract employers to your profile. Review, reread and analyze your headline before publishing it. Advertise your top skill in it and use keywords so that when recruiters type the keyword your profile pops up.

    Outdated Content

    Update your content on a regular basis. Don’t provide outdated content on LinkedIn. Surely, you need to put your previous experiences but make sure they are pertinent to your career path. If you have any new rewards, projects and publications add them in the content on your profile.

    Avoid a third-person bio

    Don’t ever write your bio in the third person as it is complete off for the onlooker. Always use I, myself, I am and so on. This step will immediately make a connection with your readers and it gives the impression of you being confident of your skills and strength in your abilities.

    Ditch unrelated content

    Remove all the unwanted and unrelated content from your profile. If you frequently publish blogs on your profile make sure they are related to your career, otherwise there is no point in publishing your blogs in a professional network.

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