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    Assam Bureaucrats Share Life Lessons, Fondly Remember Their ‘Best Teachers’

    TIME8 got in touch with a few of the office-bearers to know their 'best teachers' who helped them mold their personalities

    Every year Teachers’ Day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on September 5th, a celebrated academician in India. While the day is celebrated to honour teachers, people often take the opportunity to thank those who have helped them reach broader endeavours or grow up to be a better person.

    On the occasion of this special day, as the state bureaucrats have relentlessly been working to keep up with the virtue of holding the administrative, functional positions of the government, TIME8 got in touch with a few of the office-bearers to know their ‘best teachers’ leaving a mark on their career who helped them mold their personality and grow into the person they are today.

    Dr Subramoney Iyer Lakshmanan – Sivasagar DC

    A medical graduate and 2011 batch IAS officer, Deputy Commissioner of Sivasagar district, Dr Subramoney Iyer Lakshmanan who was recently conferred with the Excellence in Governance award has come a long way. The Sivasagar DC shared that he misses his Malayalam teacher.

    “I joined the medical college like any other medical student with high hopes for life but apparently life had other plans for me. When I passed out of college, my attitude towards life changed. Then, I started preparing for the civil service exams my Malayalam teacher, Vanaja made me go through a lot of books, it is then when I learnt Malayalam. In a way, she helped me clear my civil services. I will always be grateful to her, “.

    Atika Sultana- South Salmara Mankachar DC

    The Deputy Commissioner(DC) of South Salmara-Mankachar district– Atika Sultana recalling her childhood memories shared how they used to have a gala time in school arranging functions. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, the DC extended her heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers for their selfless service rendered towards the society and in shaping the future generation.

    “Teachers’ Day has always been memorable since my childhood. Many fond memories are attached to this day. I can recall those fun-filled days at St Mary’s Guwahati, how we arranged musical functions followed by tea parties to show our love and gratitude to our beloved Sisters and Teachers. They have been instrumental in paving successful paths for everything I have achieved in life. Subsequently, Professors and teaching staff of Handique Girls’ College and Cotton College (now Cotton University) helped me in building a career, “.

    Munindra Sarma- Barpeta DC

    ACS, Munindra Sarma and the present Deputy Commissioner(DC) of Barpeta shared how his school principal helped him garner the greatest virtues of life.

    “I remember an incident which happened when I was in Class 12. It was the last day of submission of forms for Class 12 and we were asked to report at 10 am, whereas I was late by 5 minutes. When I enquired about forms, our school principal Brother MG Shannon asked me to come next year. I was shaken and requested him to allow me to fill up the application but he was adamant. I literally begged him and apologized that’s when he taught me the importance of time and how time is precious. He was of the idea that ‘we should run ahead of time’. This small instance had a great influence on my life. I am indebted to him, “.

    Bhaskar Pegu- Baksa DC

    ACS Bhaskar Pegu shared a tale from his University days in Bangkok. The Baksa Deputy Commissioner remembers this teacher for his all-round interest in the students and how he made things comfortable. 

    “Among all the teachers I have met, the name of Jan Sunoo from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok will stay in my mind. Jan Sunoo, a Korean by birth taught Peace and Conflict Studies at the University. He was a jovial person and he gelled easily with the students. He also participated in discussions with great interest. He was a brilliant Harmonica(mouth organ) player, he also played the Ukulele. We learnt to play both under his guidance during our lunch and other breaks. I remember vividly a great evening when he took us out for dinner in a Korean restaurant in Bangkok. We sat on low tables, enjoyed the lovely dinner and of course the conversations. Some things really leave a mark on your life, “.

    Shankar Brata Raimedhi- Nagaon SP

    Nagaon Superintendent of Police (SP), IPS Shankar Brata Raimedhi who was recently conferred with ‘Union Home Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Investigation’ also shared how his mother Indrani Raimedhi has been a woman of inspiration in his life.

    “The teacher who has left a big impression on my life is my mother Indrani Raimedhi. From teaching how to walk and talk to guiding me through the first alphabets, dealing with a teenager’s angst to helping me make career choices, she has contributed a lot to the person I am today. Happy Teachers Day Ma! “.

    Subashini Sankaran- Dibrugarh SP

    From breaking stereotypes to becoming first woman IPS officer post India’s independence to be put in charge of a Chief Minister’s security, Subashini Sankaran is showing us how to lead the way. The Dibrugarh SP also shared that a few teachers from Xaviers College Bombay were instrumental in shaping her future.

    “I studied at St Xavier’s College Bombay. There are a few teachers from Xavier’s with whom I am still in touch with. They have been extremely instrumental in making sure that one has an exploratory attitude, to probe things in order to unearth the truth. Being a police officer, the investigative mind has definitely helped a lot in my career. I thank them for all the positive influences. Also, back in my school and college days, I have met some amazing teachers. I am thankful to them,“.

    Anand Mishra-Charaideo SP

    Everyone knows the firebrand cop IPS Anand Mishra, from being a jungle warrior in once insurgency-hit Garo Hills to receiving ‘Police medal Award’ for gallantry for his extraordinary Courage and Gallant Actions in Counter Insurgency Operations, the super cop currently posted as Charaideo SP has a lot to share about his martial arts teacher.

    “I am indebted to my Martial Arts teacher Prasanjit Mukherjee. He is 4th dan black belt in karate and hails from Hoogly district of West Bengal. What I am today is all because of this man. He has molded my personality in an extremely positive manner. He didn’t teach me skills, he taught me the lessons of life, “.

    Deepak Kumar-Guwahati Commissioner of Police

    IPS officer Deepak Kumar currently posted as the Guwahati CP thanked his mother on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. “My mother was my best teacher. She is the first person who helped me shape into what I am today, besides other teachers who taught me to read and write”.

    Kumar also shared how his first posting in Majuli district turned out to be an excellent experience. “My first posting was in Majuli where I learnt a lot of things. I had no idea what the beautiful Majuli nestled amid nature’s bounty has in store for me. I had the greatest learning experience of my career there as I closely witnessed how people celebrated life irrespective of the difficulties faced living in a flood-prone island,“.

    “I also learnt a lot when I was posted in Kokrajhar in the late 90s. I stood beside commoners who were in pain during that tough time,“.

    Amanjit Kaur-Nalbari SP

    IPS officer Amanjit Kaur thanked the sprawling city of Guwahati for being the ‘greatest teacher’.

    “As a younger self, if I look back there were some teachers who were my favourite as they were friendly and had the best ways of teaching but at this stage of my life, I think every teacher has left a mark in my life. Probably, some teachers I understood better and some teachers I understand now better…(Smiles) Guwahati has been the greatest teacher. I have learnt a lot during my tenure in the city.”

    Trinayan Bhuyan- DSP Dhubri

    APS Trinayan Bhuyan shares that life has been his biggest teacher. “While formal education impacts one’s life. In my case, I have learned more from life itself. Being an average student with higher dreams, being the only son of an ailing father who died untimely; my life has been more about struggles and failures than success. It is this challenges or the failures in life that have taught me my strengths, weaknesses and brought out the best out of me. So I would say life is the best teacher for me, “.

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