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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

    Lazy Girl’s Guide To Stay Fit This Winter. Click To Know

    Hate to work out? No worries we have simple tips that you can incorporate in your everyday life

    It’s almost fall and some people are in the brink of lethargy and may have befriended their cozy bed layered with the warmest blanket. Ohhh… what a pleasant feeling isn’t it?.

    Also, winters are favorite for the ones who love to snug up the oversized pullovers and enjoy a hearty meal and not care about the extra pounds gained enjoying that thousand calorie chocolate brownie with ice cream scoops. Take it easy breezy.

    But keeping a healthy diet is actually important so that you do not have to make a hole in your pocket while visiting the doc. And just in case you are a really busy chick, employed and no time to take a gym membership. We have made an easy lazy girl’s guide here to keep yourself healthy and fit this winter. Check it out:

    Drink lots of water

    Water is the key to your ‘stay fit’ mantra. You do not have to drink gallons of water but keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Water helps to boost your metabolism, cleanse your body and also helps in doing away the unnecessary appetite. Most of the time we are not hungry and driven by ‘i am bored let’s eat’. These habits add to weight gain and obesity.

    If you want your fluid to be tasty add some ginger, lemon, organic honey and have a power-packed day.

    Photo Credit: medicalnewstoday.com

    Try to eat clean

    You do not have to suffocate your body by not consuming food at all just to lose weight and later indulge in a high-calorie diet. But try to eat clean and healthy—like plant-based items, staying away from processed foods. Listen to the needs of your body and eat accordingly. (No it does not say cheese, it’s your anxiety honey).

    Photo Credit: Kera News

    Brisk Walking

    Some people might hate to work out and hit the gym. It’s not their thing and we totally understand. So, go for walks instead (early morning, evening) as per your time schedule. Brisk walking actually helps and has been recommended quite often for a fitter lifestyle. Put on your favorite sneakers and turn on that EDM and you are good to go.

    Befriend Adventure Sports

    Do you love traveling? Are you an adrenaline junkie? then incorporate your passion and learn a simple healthy habit. Yes, take trips to some adventure places and you can really shed those extra kilos in your vacation. There is absolutely no pressure of overthinking about your weight and you can walk the talk amid that much-wanted serenity.

    Photo Credit: HolidayIQ

    Stretching in bed

    On a serious note, stretching helps and improves flexibility. Pump up your blood circulation with the most easiest stretches even on the bed.


    You do not have to do anything but jump with the rope. This is a beginner’s guide to work out and cardio exercise. It is also a complete body exercise and can help losing fats.

    Sitting, Standing straight

    Posture matters a lot to those ailing from bone problems. You can start your healthy life right away maintain these postures. Bid adios to hunchback days and try standing straight and even sitting straight in your office chair.

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