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    Here Are The Things Permitted in Assam till May 3

    Inter-District & Inter-State movement of individuals, except for medical reasons or activities permitted under the guidelines

    From April 20th, 2020 till May 3rd, 2020 there will be several relaxations in the ongoing lockdown due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with several services being permitted by the government.

    Even though there has been a relaxation or permission in several sectors, the lockdown will still be imposed and unauthorized movement will still be termed as violation of lockdown norms.

    The activities permissible have been divided into categories. The activities are:

    Permitted Activities 1:

    • Wholesale, Retail & E-Commerce, while ensuring strict Social Distancing. Home Delivery to be encouraged.
    • All goods can be transported by Road, Rail and Air.
    • Trucks can ply with 2 Drivers & 1 Helper.
    • Repair Shops and Dhabas on Highways to operate.
    • Movement of Persons
    • Private vehicles for emergency/essential services, including medical & veterinary care.
    • In case of a four-wheeler, the driver will be allowed along with a passenger in the backseat.
    • While in case of a two-wheeler, only the driver/rider will be permitted but there will be no permission for pillion riding.

    Permitted Activities 2:

    • All Health Services, including AYUSH & Veterinary facilities along with related operations will be open.
    • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Dispensaries, Pharmacies, Medical Labs & Collection Centres, Pharma Manufacturing Units, Construction of Health Infrastructure will be active
    • Inter & Intra State movement of medical-related personnel and material has been permitted.
    • Special Institutions for Children, Senior Citizens, Challenged & Underprivileged Individuals, etc will be open.
    • Disbursement of Social Security Pensions will be operational.
    • Operation of Anganwadis through doorstep delivery will be initiated.

    Permitted Activities 3:

    • Government Entities will function as per the guidelines.
    • Oil & Gas, including all related operations, will be active.
    • Power Sector, including Generation, Transmission, Distribution & related activities will go on.
    • Postal Services, including Post Offices, will resume.
    • Telecommunication & Internet Services will continue to run.
    • Water, Sanitation & Waste Management facilities will keep on functioning.
    • Banks, ATMs & connected operations will carry on.
    • RBI, Regulated Financial Markets, SEBI & Insurance Companies will continue with their services uninterruptedly.

    Permitted Activities 4:

    • Farming & all related operations, supply chains, logistics, machinery, etc will resume.
    • Fisheries & all related operations will resume.
    • Tea plantation & all related operations with a maximum of 50 per cent of workers will be operational.
    • Animal husbandry including poultry, livestock farming & related operations will start operations.
    • Animal Shelter Homes, including Gaushalas, will be functional.
    • MGNREGA works & Sectoral Schemes in Irrigation & Water Conservation will resume.

    Permitted Activities 5:

    • Print & Electronic Media, DTH & Cable Services, IT & IT Services will be functional all these days
    • Data & Call Centres for Government will continue their operations
    • Hotels for stranded persons, medical/emergency & Air and Sea Crews will be open.
    • Quarantine Facilities for patients and suspects to be functional
    • Self-Employed Plumber, Electrician, IT Repair, Carpenter & Motor Mechanic will be allowed to work but they will have to provide their services by visiting the client’s houses and will not be allowed to open up shops.
    • Construction & Industrial Sector will be open
    • Production Units requiring continuous process will remain active.
    • Mines & Mineral production will continue.
    • Construction of Roads, Building, Irrigation and Industrial Projects in rural areas will resume.
    • Renewable Energy Projects will continue

    Apart from these, there are certain prohibitions and guidelines too.

    Lockdown 2.0 Guidelines:

    • Wearing a face mask is compulsory in all Public and Work Places.
    • Spitting in Public Places shall be punishable.
    • In-Charges of Public, Work Places & Transport shall ensure Social Distancing.
    • No Public Place In-Charge shall allow a gathering of five or more persons.
    • Marriages & Funerals shall be regulated by District Magistrates.
    • Work Places shall have arrangements for temperature screening and provide sanitizers.
    • All Workplaces shall have a gap of one hour between shifts and sanitize the workplace in this time.

    The Prohibited Activities are:

    • Passenger movement by Air, Train & other Public Transport.
    • Taxis, including Auto & Cycle Rickshaws and Cab Aggregator Services.
    • Inter-District & Inter-State movement of individuals, except for medical reasons or activities permitted under the guidelines.
    • All Educational, Training & Coaching institutions.
    • Cinemas, Malls, Gyms, Sports Facilities, Theatres, Auditoriums, Bars, Assembly Halls etc.
    • Religious places to be closed for the public.
    • No Religious, Social, Political, Cultural, etc gatherings permitted.
    • Activities Exempted in the Guidelines will not be permitted in the Hot Spots – Containment & Buffer Zones.

    The police have stated that the non-compliance of these Lockdown 2.0 Guidelines will invite legal action.

    Photo Credit: Assam Police



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