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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    Guwahati Boy Finds ‘Dead Insects’ In Quick Pick’s ‘Drums Of Heaven’

    The boy claimed he found “dead insects” in the ‘Drums of Heaven’ just after he took a bite of a chicken piece

    A youth from Guwahati claimed he was horrified after finding “dead insects’ in his chicken item which he had ordered from a popular restaurant located in Silpukhuri area of the city.

    Kangkan Kalita claimed he found “dead insects”  in the ‘Drums of Heaven’ just after he took a bite of a chicken piece. He is on Facebook by the name of Rhiyan Kashyap and had packed the food from the restaurant to eat at home.

    Sharing the photo of the chicken piece and the bill on Facebook, he wrote, “What has happened to me, might happen to you tomorrow. Check your food carefully before eating.”

    Speaking to Time8, Kalita said, “Quick Pick is a popular restaurant. I was appalled when I found insects in the chicken pieces. When we visit a restaurant, we don’t care to check about the quality, hygiene of the food items. We need to be careful with what we eat.”

    Photo credit: Rhiyan Kashyap/Facebook


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