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Thursday, October 28, 2021

    Give Your Home An Eco-Friendly Spin With These 5 Pro Tips

    Read on give your home a sustainable spin

    With major climate changes that are occurring every single day, many people are opting for a sustainable lifestyle, even so, sustainable home decor has become a thing now. This new attitude has been taken by many seriously to do their bit for the environment.

    With this new trend seeping into our daily lives, here is a list of things you should know before turning your home space into an eco-friendly space.

    • Paint your walls with healthier options that most paint companies are providing. You can also go for walls with a renewable wood finish which comprises of bamboo and cork. It is a sustainable choice if you want the longevity of your walls.
    Image result for bamboo walls
    Photo credit: Bamboo Import Europe
    •  Adding money plants to your sustainable living space will bring the much-needed decor in your room. Plants also help in purifying the air in your home.
    Image result for Money plants
    Photo credit: Nurserylive.com
    • Always use lighter hues to save on energy. Also, opt for big and broad windows that will lead to less dependency on artificial lighting. Use of reflective surfaces can also do the thing of reducing the use of lights.
    Image result for big windows
    Photo credit: HGTV.com
    • For an eco-friendly space, you need furniture that is made of sustainable materials. Go for wood furniture instead of the plastic ones. Another alternative of wood is teak which is sturdy and highly durable.
    Image result for teak furniture
    Photo credit: CV BAJANUSA Furniture
    • Always opt for wooden or stone flooring for an eco-friendly home. Linoleum is another option for sustainable flooring as it is made of natural materials, which in turn makes it biodegradable. It will not only make your space sustainable but also trendy.
    Image result for stone flooring
    Photo credit: DIY Network

    So, when are you switching to a sustainable space?

    Photo credit: Eco Warrior Princess


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