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Thursday, August 11, 2022

    Gift Ideas For A Bright, Cheerful Diwali

    Here is a compiled list of thoughtful and some budget-friendly gift ideas for Diwali

    Diyas are pre-soaked in water to be lit, the lanterns are ready to be flown, sparklers and sweets have been bought. Finally, the brightest festival of the year has arrived.

    It’s time to wrap your Diwali gifts to be sent to your near and dear ones. Sweets, coins, chocolates are so passé and so is quintessential soan papdi. Hence, we thought of helping you with your gifting game with some pocket-friendly yet attractive gifts this festive season. Here is a compiled list of thoughtful and some budget-friendly gift ideas for a cheerful and bright Diwali.

    Plants and planters

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    With the clarion call for environment-friendly Diwali celebrations, we see no better option than gifting plants. Plants kept indoors or outdoor of the home can help purify the air and also add zing to the decor. The markets are filled with those funky and stylish planters. This idea will definitely make your gift stand out from the rest.


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    The season of dining at home is in. So gifting crockery should not be a bad idea. From dinner sets to tea sets, the glossy and intricately painted croceries are the best options to choose from. Even terracotta and earthenware items can be gifted if you choose to go green and leave a positive mark with your gift. The terracotta items just add the perfect earthiness to the festive vibe. Moreover, they are pocket-friendly but they also have multiple designs to choose from.

    Copper tumblers

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    Another thoughtful gifting idea can be copper tumblers or jugs or bottles. Consuming food or water in copper utensils helps to detoxify the body. It’s scientifically proven that water kept in a copper vessel overnight before consumption, the quality of the water is enhanced. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Home decor

    Diwali calls for spicing up our living space and home decor never goes out of trend. From lampshades, flower vases to cushions, diffusers, home decor items can be another gifting option. As the Diwali season kicks in, the market gets filled with attractive home decor and furnishing items that you can buy for your loved ones.

    Diyas and candles

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    Since Diwali is known as the festival of lights, diyas and decorative candles are a safe bet. Be it scented candles, tea lights, handmade ones or floating candles, they add the perfect feel to the festival of lights. Candles are very useful to everyone, especially during the time of Diwali. Floating candles with some rose petals and glitters just the perfect festive feel in the home.

    Power Bank

    Everybody carries a smartphone these days. What do you do when your phones stop acting smart as the battery drains out. Here comes the need of carrying a power bank for your phones. If you really care for someone, gifting a power bank can be really helpful.

    Organic beauty products

    Come Diwali, you start planning to look your best. Diwali comes with joy and merriment and it leaves pollution behind. That’s when your skin requires the most care. Be someone’s saviour and gift them the best organic products to save their skin from this scary pollution.

    Would you like to add some more gifting options??? Do leave your comment. Happy Diwali!


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