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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    FASTag For Cars Must By January 15. Deets Inside

    The tags are currently issued by 23 certified banks including small finance banks, payments bank and co-operative banks

    The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has once again extended the new rule of mandatory FASTag for another month. The FASTags will now be mandatory on the National Highways (NHs) from January 15, 2020.

    Previously, the government had extended the deadline from December 1st to December 15th, 2019. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has equipped all Fee Plazas with Electronic Toll Collection System.

    According to this new system, the private, public vehicles need to paste the FASTag sticker having (radio frequency identity technology) at the front windshield of their vehicle which will be automatically recognized by the sensors of the toll plazas.

    However if commuters do not put the electronic tag by December 15th, 2019 on their vehicle, they will be fined double the toll fee.

    Meanwhile, for ease in availability of FASTag, NHAI has launched MyFASTag APP whereby all information regarding FASTag can be obtained along with the location of POSs and charging/ linking with NHAI/other wallets or bank accounts.

    The Transport Ministry had launched the National Electronic Toll Collection program(NETC) in a bid to save fuel, time and pollution and also ensure seamless movement of traffic.

    What is FASTag

    • FASTag is a prepaid tag facility which debits the toll amount from one’s bank account —mandatory for all vehicles, private and public.
    • The National Highways Authority of India is providing free FASTags at all toll plazas. RTO Offices and other transport hubs will provide these for free.
    • The security deposit for a tag ranges from Rs 100 to 400 depending on the size of the vehicle.
    • You can also buy FASTags online from Amazon at Rs 100.
    • To buy FASTags, you need to submit several documents which include, Registration Certificate of the vehicle, passport size photograph of the vehicle owner and KYC documents of the vehicle owner.
    • Once you have the FASTag, you need to activate it by entering details related to you and your vehicle in MY FASTag mobile app.
    • You can recharge your FASTag by logging in the app with your user ID or wallet ID and password. Click on the recharge button and you will be guided through the steps easily.

    How to get FASTag?

    • The tags are currently issued by 23 certified banks including small finance banks, payments bank and co-operative banks.
    • It can also be obtained from select toll plazas, petrol pumps, RTOs and online from platforms such as Amazon, Airtel Thanks app and Paytm.
    • If you have an Android or iOS device then you can download the MyFASTag app and then buy from there.

    Benefits of FASTag

    • It will ease traffic congestion at toll plazas,
    • No need to carry extra cash to pay at toll plazas,
    • SMS alerts will be sent to you for all your toll transactions,
    • FASTag will reduce pollution in the air and will save papers.

    Photo credit: gadgets.ndtv.com


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