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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

    CCTV Captures Man Spitting, Asked To Clean Mess At Pathsala SBI

    The man realizing his mistake obliged with the directions given by the bank official and cleaned the gutka stains from the wall

    While India is marching towards making the country clean through the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, apparently not all could level up to the cleanliness drive and commuters, office-goers have often witnessed paan stains on the walls. In such incident shunning this initiative has recently occurred in Pathsala town located in Bajali sub-division of Barpeta district of Assam and the aftermath was hilarious.

    The incident is dated back to September 17th, 2019 at the State Bank of India(SBI), Pathsala branch. The CCTV cameras captured a youth spitting gutka in the premises of the bank. The authorities immediately rushed to the customer and asked him to clean the paan-stains created by him on the white washed walls. Interestingly, he was provided with all the necessary items to complete the task.

    “We believe in keeping the bank premises clean but some of our customers have failed to understand it. They come here for work and while leaving they just spit around in the walls making the doorway look really dirty and unhygienic. Fed up of these acts, we installed pictures of Gods in the walls but that didn’t work. People kept doing what they had to do,” said one of the officials of the bank while speaking to Time8.

    “We also installed CCTV cameras to warn the people with consequences but it went into deaf ears. Yesterday, when I was descending the stairs I saw the wall near it full of new gutka stains. I immediately rushed upstairs and checked the CCTV footage and identified the man,” said the official.

    He further added that after identifying the person, he rushed downstairs and located him and called him on pretext of discussing some important work. “Sensing his fault he attempted to flee from the spot. But i ran after him and nabbed him somehow and brought him with me to the bank and asked him to clean the mess that he had created,” the official added.

    The man realizing his mistake obliged with the directions given by the bank official and cleaned the gutka stains from the wall and promised not to repeat such acts in the near future.

    The incident has set an example to realize that it is the responsibility of the citizens to keep the environment clean.


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