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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

    Singer Papon Appeals All To Stop Using Plastics To Save Environment

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a ban on SUP in the country

    Knowingly or unknowingly we have contributed a lot towards harming the environment by using plastics. Rightly said by singing sensation Angarag Papon Mahanta.

    In a video tweeted by Swachh Bharat Mission – Gramin, Assam, Papon is seen saying that we have many a time unknowingly accept single-use plastic (SUP) bags and later discard them.

    In the video, Papon is offered prasad (offerings) in a SUP bag to which he says, “The prasad is a blessing for us but this prasad in a plastic bag is a curse for us and for the environment. So, I request everyone to stop using SUPs and we should carry a shopping bag whenever we visit a vegetable market, this will inculcate the practice of refusing plastic bags.”

    “This plastic bag is harmful and I request everyone to stop using SUP bags to save our earth,” he added.    

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for a ban on SUP in the country. He also urged the citizens to start a revolution against SUP on Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary on October 2nd, 2019. Modi has also appealed the corporates to help phase out SUP.


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