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Monday, November 29, 2021

    Dulan Kalita

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    Lakhimpur Sizzles At 39.2 Degrees As Temperature Peaks To All-Time High

    https://soundcloud.com/time8news/lakhimpur-sizzles Lakhimpur district witnessed a blistering afternoon on August 26th as the maximum temperature was recorded as 39.3 degrees Celsius. Borjhar-based Regional Meteorological Centre informed that today's heat was the Lakhimpur’s highest ever recorded temperature in the month...

    Assam NRC: Samujjal Bhattacharya Opposes Centre’s Decision To Increase Time Limit For Filing Appeals

    https://soundcloud.com/time8news/assam-nrc-samujjal-bhattacharya-opposes-centres-decision-to-increase-time-limit-for-filing-appeals All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) chief advisor Samujjal Kumar Bhattacharya on August 23rd, 2019, opposed the government's decision to amend the rules to extend the time limit of filing of appeals for the people of Assam excluded...

    Guwahati Boils As Mercury Soars To Record 39.2°C

    Guwahati, the gateway to Northeast India and South-East Asia, reeled under heatwave conditions on August 7th, 2019. Breaking all records, the maximum temperature in Guwahati touched maximum 39.2 degree Celsius, equaling the all-time high recorded on June...