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    Assam Cops Get Nostalgic, Candid On Rongali Bihu


    Guwahati, April 15, 2019

    At this time of the year, it’s festival galore in India. In Assam, it’s time for Rongali Bihu, also known as Bohag Bihu. It’s the Assamese New Year wherein farmers thank the lord for the successful harvest and welcome the spring season. A time of zest, joy, and feasting, it is celebrated for seven days, leaving behind a bag full of memories.

    Memories associated with a festival are close to one’s heart. They can range from childhood joys to milestones achieved during the occasion, from being mischievous to fondly recollecting time spent with loved ones.

    As people throng markets to buy new clothes, sing and dance to Bihu tunes, the men in khaki stand guard to counter any unwanted situation. TIME8 speaks to Assam Police personnel to find out their favourite memories.

    Deepak Kumar, Guwahati Police Commissioner: Happy Rongali Bihu to all Guwahatians! Bihu showcases the culture of Assam. This festival is celebrated all over the country, in different names, which implies that we stand united. Our jawans in Kashmir are dancing their hearts out to Bihu tunes and flying high our traditional Axomiya Gamusa.

    Amanjeet Kaur, SP Nalbari: Bihu is always a special occasion for me. It’s about dancing and feasting; basically having fun. Every year, it leaves behind fond memories. It gives me immense happiness to participate in Bihu functions. I wish everyone a very happy Bihu and pray that all their wishes come true.

    Anand Mishra, SP Charaideo: Bihu is a celebration of life. Though I am from North India, yet Bihu has a special place in my life. I love the way how the Rongali Bihu is celebrated with full mirth and vigour. Specially, the Bihu dance and the upbeat air and enthusiasm all around…it is very interesting. I make it a point to be a part of the local Bihu functions.

    Subodh Kr Sonowal, SP Bongaigaon: Bihu is an emotion for me as I am a gaon r lora (boy from village).  My heart is in my village but due to my commitment, I am here in Bongaigaon. I cherish the fond memories of childhood…those days are gone.


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