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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

    Animal Lover? Here Are Top Tips To Show Some Love For Stray Dogs, Cats This Winter

    Maybe it's time to be a Hooman first

    As the temperature has taken a dip most of us are wrapped in warm clothes to prevent the body from the harsh weather conditions including the four-legged ones who live in the indoors.

    Some stray animals can adapt themselves and are resilient to the extreme conditions considering their habitat but a few get the harsh weather and apparently thrive for a warm shelter.

    So for the ones who have a thing for animals who stay outdoors we have complied some really easy tips where you can actually extend your helping hand without causing any trouble.

    Feed them:

    Whenever you spot a stray dog or a cat the least you can do is feed them. Offer them some healthy biscuits or milk so that they do not have to sleep an empty stomach in the night. Also animals get thirsty all the time, you can offer them water.

    Photo Credit: purina.co.uk

    Help them find a shelter:

    As the night falls the weather gets cold outside and it becomes actually freezy not just for humans but animals as well. A few adapt to the weather and some grow warmer fur which acts as a cover against the temperature. The least you can do is look for temporary shelters for them near your house for the night.

    You can also create a shelter with leftover cardboards, unused tires stuffed with straw and help them survive the winter.

    Get help from local NGOs:

    If your heart reels seeing stray and hungry animals mushroomed along the road you can call up the any local animal rescue centre and help them get a space. These organizations work for stray animals and take adequate care of them.

    Get them some warm clothes:

    Jackets or clothes for cats, dogs are flooded in the online websites or any dog shop. You can buy a warm jacket to help them survive the harsh winter. Also, newborn puppies often fall sick if they do not get enough care. Help them keep warm.

    Photo Credit: Medium.com

    Leave a blanket in front of your residence

    There are abundant stray dog and cats roaming freely around your residence. If you cannot let them in or do not have the time to take care you can at least make a cozy space for them so that they can lie at the night.

    Photo Credit: Change.org


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