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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    8 Small Signs You Are Not Taking Care Of Yourself

    Low on motivation? These are the signs that it is time to take care of yourself

    Adulting is hard trying to make a balanced life between earning money, taking up responsibilities to running errands. Also, things can get a bit stressful considering the competition in the workplace, isn’t it?

    So if you are working way too hard to pay your bills and is ‘always busy’, here are some signs that you have stopped filling your journal and not taking enough care of yourself.

    You are always stressed

    You might have skipped that little brunch with your bestie due to any emergency meeting but have you realise how monotonous your life has turned up? You get super anxious and lose your tone while striking a conversation.

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    Do not corner yourself from the happiness that you deserve and make room for the light to enter. You need to learn the art of time management so that your life is at peace.

    Always tired

    You might have had a good eight hours of sleep but show up with a petty face the next morning. You hardly feel like leaving your bed because it is your comfort zone.

    A lot of the sitting jobs persists on 9 to ….. odd hours of work which increases the issues of aches and anxiety. Typing in front of the computer for 9 hours in a row is a daunting task and comes with a series of health issues.

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    TIP: Go for walks, take part in physical activity

    Your skin is not hydrated

    Winters might take a toll on the texture of the skin and with the dip in temperature, it is likely that the skin may lose its moisture. But a faulty diet may act as a fuel for the dull skin.

    TIP: Keep a tab on your diet. Have protein, fruits, fatty acids in your meals.

    Your skin is breaking out

    People have sensitive skin and go through acne problems but did you know your diet plays the top role to have a healthy texture? No matter how busy life gets, make a point to detox, declutter and follow a skin regime. Because you are worth it.

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    TIP: Avoid junk, processed foods

    Super Sleepy

    You lose the stamina and always de-motivated, and despite of sipping your favourite cup of filtered coffee you are compelled to make faces with that yawn. Yes we all have been there. But you know what you can actually take a reverse gear and change your life with some super simple tips like listening to soothing music, talking, going out on dates and most importantly taking time for yourself.

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    Muscle Cramps

    While office goers spend the majority of the day sitting at a computer and suddenly after we feel that muscle cramp in the leg. Such cramps generally occur due to dehydration, strenuous exercise or lack of muscle use.

    Low sex drive

    Your hormones are taking a toll in your marriage for this you definitely need to go and see a doctor so that they can analyze your hormones. Because hormonal imbalance can lead to more serious conditions, like fatigue, depression, weight gain and so on.

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