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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    10 Crazy Things People Should Stop Doing After A Break-Up

    Check out these hilarious things people do while they are on a heart break

    Well, getting over heartbreaks is not that easy and we all have been at that point in our lives witnessing the devastation and vulnerability. The aches, sleepless nights, procrastination and Christ know if the list would ever end.

    While nothing feels right people tend to follow some ridiculous techniques to overcome the sudden grief and the suffering like calling their ex from their friend’s number and checking out on him/her or maybe going on a solo vacay to ‘truely’ find themself again or getting that revenge body and letting that booty talking.

    Here we have compiled some funny things people tend to do while they are on a break or trying to get over the ‘dard’ of a heartbreak. And for the love of god please stop doing it, you are already a Phoenix OK.

    No 1. Blocking, unfriending your ex on your phone. And if it is worse, blocking them all over in the social media accounts

    Well did it really help? Because people tend to scoop on people whom they think are trying to avoid. Does it really make sense if all they do is secretly create a fake profile and check on them every 24-hour? LOL. Get over it.

    No 2. Procrastinating and staying back home embracing the dilemma

    Relationships are cute, cuddles are better right? And being in love, sharing a love bond feels amazing (except toxic relationships) BTW. But when things don’t work out the best or the way we had planned we indulge in the guilty feeling and feel like we are walking towards the doomsday.

    People miss out on major events, office, gym and sit back home crying over spilled milk. That’s totally ok but is it worth your time? Have a thought.

    No 3. Relationship status goes from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’ in social media

    Social media enthusiasts who love to introduce their loved ones to the world start deleting a couple of pictures together. Also, the world should know that you are single again. Really? No one cares. Do not be available for gossip now.

    No 4. Getting over your ex with one-night stands

    You are so much in pain that you go out for mind refreshments with that Tinder date and end up spilling the bean and come back home to that grief again. YOLO.

    No 5. Trying to make your ex jealous by hanging around with his/her friends

    Apparently, this technique is by far the most used skills because obviously the ego is under vengeance right? Hanging out with people, being ‘productively’ busy might help but not lazying around with people and being a couch potato. You know.

    No 6. Trash-talking about your ex

    Maybe it is the self-esteem that you cannot reconcile and vexed with your choice. It is ok to get hurt, everything is ok but gossiping and talking about the same person all over again every day and employing other people to feel the same giving an impression might not be a good idea. You are totally wasting your precious time

    No 7. Posting sad statuses on social media

    Befriending Google and searching for sad quotes and the next is Ctrl C, Ctrl V.

    No 8. Hiding in public if you spot your ex

    Many people do take a different route or just hide if they spot their ex in the public just to avoid that awkward hi, hello. You do not have to do that. You guys are no longer together so move on.

    No 9. Calling them from different phone numbers

    You just want to hear their voice once and not talk and there is a long weird silence. Boy if there’s nothing to talk or you miss her so much why did you guys break up in the first place.

    No 10. Going similar hangout places only with an intention to spot your ex

    This way is not the highway apparently. Want to get a glimpse of her/him? Go check out her pictures. Because maybe they already have moved on and you have suffocated yourself to that zone. You really need new friends.

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